Thomas Whittle established MONOMATIC in 2014 as a way of working with other artists and exploring different ideas. Beginning online only, the project space has produced several group exhibitions and commissioned new art works from artists working across media. In 2017 the first exhibition in a physical space was realised and since MONOMATIC has collaborated with other project spaces Rhubaba (Edinburgh), Embassy (Edinburgh) and Mauve (Vienna).

MONOMATIC has exhibited artworks by Adam Shield, Jacob Dwyer, Susie Green, Matthew Giraudeau, Sian Robinson Davies, Alistair Grant, Shane Henken, Titania Seidl, Joao Freitas, Hannah Whitaker, Andrew Sandercock, Tim Dodds, Luke McCredie, Katharina Hoeglinger, Anastasia Jermolaewa, Stefan Fuchs, Chritstoph Meier, Lukas Posch, Bernhard Rappold, Paulina Semkowicz, Myles Starr, Lisa Slawitz, Pawel Szostak, Lukas Thaler, Alexa Hare, Ben Sanderson, Lorna Macintyre, Hannah Hughes, Hiwa K, The Bad Vibes Club and Patrick Cole.