Conche Paintings, Long Distance Press, 2019. 
Ink jet with inset silver gelatine prints. Edition of 40.

IonRu, Long Distance Press, 2019. 
Risograph and inkjet with hand drawn front page. Edition of 50.


Take Up Space, Long Distance Press, 2018. Screen printed cover and inside pages- inkjet throughout, edition of 50.

He numbered as might well have been known, maquet, 2018.

Work Is The Only Rule #2: Right On, Foundation Press, 2018. Inkjet and Risograph, edition of 50. Outcome of workshop with Sunderland University.

Found Object #2, Foundation Press, 2018. Risograph with inset inkjet print. Edition of 50. 

Sniff Sniff, Long Distance Press, with Adam Shield, 2017. One off artist book, mixed media. 

Noodeleling, Long Distance Press, with Adam Shield, 2017. Photocopy throughout with unique drawing on first page. Edition of 20. 

Tessex, with Emma Kemp & Daniel Wroe, Bobby Schiedemann and Analicia Sotelo, Image Text Ithaca Press, 2015. 

My mate Bill Blake, self-published, 2015. Ink jet edition of 50. 

Camper Vans Deuce, self-published, 2014. Ink Jet, edition of 40. 

Let me remeber you as you were before you existed,
self-published, 2013. Ink jet, edition of 30.